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Book keeping:

On-site Bookkeeping:

We have expert teams of bookkeepers , who will visit yourpremises and do the bookkeeping for you at your office hours with remote support from our head office.

Off-site Bookkeeping:

Our expert team of bookkeepers will take care of your bookkeeping. You will have to provide the Invoices, receipts and Bank statements to us. We will enter on Sage software and do VAT and Annual Accountsfor you.

You do not have to worry about buying software, or computer or appointing a bookkeeper.

Over-viewing Bookkeeping:

We may send a bookkeeper at your premises, or you may appoint a bookkeeper, and we can over-view his work at £250 per month.

Temporary or Permanent Bookkeepers:

We also have staff trained in bookkeeping at our training centre who is available for the temporary or permanent basis.


Different kinds of VAT:

Our experts will guide you after analysing your accounts which type of VAT suits you:

• Flat rate scheme

• Standard rate scheme

• Margin vat scheme

• Cash basis vat

Process of VAT: -

While doing Bookkeeping precise care will be taken while entering Invoices to calculate, summaries and analysis of the vat every quarter. Once vat calculated will be submitted online via the MTD (Making Tax Digital).

The same process will be carried out at on-site bookkeeping. Clients will be emailed copy of VAT & payment link.

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