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Payroll and Auto-enrolment:


We can manage Payroll and Auto-enrolment for you. We will register your organisation as an Employerand will get: -

PAYE Reference Number


Accounts Office Reference Number

Once you get PAYE Number, we will get ourselves registeredas an authorised agent, so that we can monitor Tax Code Notices for your employees, and keep an eye on your payment for PAYE.

We offer on-site Payroll Service i.e. we can send our expert to run payroll on your site at the month end.


We can perform payroll duties in our office and email you payslips and BACS Payment report and P32 report.

We charge a fixed amount per payslip £4.00 per payslip. It includes leaver, joiner, sick note, SMPand all other statutory returns to be submitted to HMRC.

We also guide client on any Employer and Employee issues.


All employers are required to get all employees enrolled in pension compulsory as per legal requirement.

We submit compliance declaration on the Pension Regulator website on behalf of clients.

We also get client registered on Nest, People Pension, or AVIVA for Pension Scheme.

While processing, Payroll we deduct a percentage from Employee and Employer and submit the relevant file to Pension Provider.

We also resolve any issues from employees and Employer related to Pension.

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