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Self-Assessment Tax Retur​n:

Are you running a small business or doing a business as a single person from your home like?

  •  Plumbers
  •  Electricians
  •  Carpenters
  •  Delivery Drivers in Hermes, Amazon, Just Eat.
  •  DJ
  •  Online Seller on eBay, Amazon from Home.
  •  Taxi Drivers

Sole Traders also need to submit self-assessment tax return like -

  • Saloon
  • Corner shop – off- licence
  •  Doctors
  •  Mortgage Advisors
  •  Teachers / Trainers
  •  Online Business

All Directors of Limited Companies also need to complete self-assessment Tax return

Process of Self-Assessment:

Registering as Self-Employ: - As soon as you start any business, or you become self-employed you should get registered as self-employed. We will register you as self-employed and you will get UTR Number from HMRC.

Once you get UTR Number, we will become your agent on HMRC Portal, so that we can discuss issues with HMRC and submit Tax return before the 31st January on your behalf.

Either you can keep records on Excel / keep receipts and invoices and give us the summary. It will cost £85 per tax return.


If you want us to keep invoices and receipts and enter it on excel than rates will depend upon Number of Transaction – Ideally Statement from £125 to £300.

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